About Me

I’m a Health Professional with over 20 years in the industry. I had been a Registered Nurse in busy Emergency Departments for 11 years when I decided to expand my skill set and become one of the first Nurse Practitioners (NP) in Australia.  I am now in my 13th year as a NP and I absolutely love my chosen career.

However, for the last few years I have looked at healthcare differently. I was experiencing my own issues like joint pain, lethargy and weight fluctuations. I didn’t want to accept that I was ‘just getting old’, I decided to explore the internal processes of what really causes our symptoms. To get a deeper understanding of this theory I completed my Certification in Applied Functional Medicine by one of the leading Functional Medicine schools in the USA. I am now exremely happy to truely be on a path that I am passionate about. Tired of conventional medicine, where chronic disease is ‘managed’, but not ever reversed. Where health, fitness, lifestyle and nutrition is the forefront of wellness, vitality and longevity. 

Understandably GPs are busy with heavy workloads and often unable to provide the time to dig deeper. With Functional Medicine we make the time to explore your symptoms (your warning signs) to investigate the root causes of the dis-ease and improve health for the long term.

Nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, stress and many other critical factors play a vital role in your bodys biochemical processes.  

Let’s explore and address these together 



Master of Nursing Science – Nurse Practitioner

Masters of Advanced Practice – Emergency

Diploma of Child Health

Certification School of Applied Functional Medicine

What we can do

Medicare rebates available for certain consults and tests

Full baseline pathology workup and functional laboratory tests

Prescriptions and supplement recommendations

Provide medical certificates

Referral to GP and other Specialists

Disclaimer: We do not imply that vitamin supplements (included in some of our treatments) will cure any medical condition or are a substitute for good nutrition or a balanced diet; or are in any way superior to or more beneficial than dietary nutrients or that normal health may be affected by not taking vitamin supplements.

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